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About Us

Background & Business Activities

HLM specializes in assisting companies desiring to do business with the US Government. If your company is not experienced in doing business with the US Government you'll quickly realize it's much different than the commercial business world.  HLM has the experience, expertise, and resources to guide and teach your company how to succeed in this complex environment.  

If you're currently doing business with the US Government but do not have a local presence, HLM can provide a representative face to your customer as frequently as you desire.  HLM will convey your project's progress, and provide you feedback from your customers.  

Finally, if you're in need of short-term, experienced personnel who are familiar with how the US Government contracting world works, HLM can provide the expertise you need.  More than routine temporary agency personnel, HLM's personnel resources are guaranteed to bring the experience your company needs to be successful.

The HLM principals bring over 70 years of US military experience, and our extensive pool of consultants provide hundreds of additional years of experience working for and working with the US Government.  If you have need for a specific expertise, or access to a particular Government agency, HLM has the resources to help you succeed.

Company History

2012: Mathew "Dozer" Miller joins the management team.

2011: Mark A. LaFayette joins the management team.

2011: Company founded based on preferred services for the USAF.

Management Team

  • Eric C. Hidden, Managing Director & Senior Consultant
  • Mark A. LaFayette, Managing Director & Senior Consultant
  • Mathew P. Miller, Managing Director & Senior Consultant
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